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Cationic Starch For Paper Industry

From our wide consignment, we are offering to our patrons an optimum class variety of Cationic Starch. It is a modified form of starch which is added to a wet pulp to enhance the paper strength by attracting the negatively charged cellulose fibre of the pulp. The cationic starches mainly used as wet-end starch.Although native starch can be used as wet-end starch, but offered array of cationic starches are more preferable these days.

Mostly, it is used in paper & paper board manufacturing to increase Cationic Starch is internal strength properties as well as retention of fillers & fines. Offered range of Cationic Starch is odourless which is specially produced by treating a slurry of partially swollen granules of starch with a reactive compound.

Our manufactured assortment of cationic starch is widely used as wet end additives in paper making.

Cationic Starch Supplier

Generally cationic starch powder is prepared by reacting an alkaline (pH 11-12) starch slurry with a cationic reagent in the presence of a gelatinization inhibitor such as sodium chloride, sodium sulphate, etc. and at a temperature below the gelatinization temperature of the starch. They provide many benefits that are divided into four categories such as improvement of mechanical strength, better retention of fines and fillers, faster drainage, and reduction of waste water pollution.

As our provided range of cationic starch powder is positively charged, they are easily attracted by the negatively charged cellulose fibre and fillers. As a result fibre-to-fibre and fibre-to-filler bond are increased. That's why the retention of fines and filler are also increased paper sheet strength, water drainage, improve paper quality, reduced dusting, linting and size addition, greater control of paper making process hence less paper web breaks and improves paper machine functional life as well as productivity. Last, but not the least benefit of our offered Cationic starch also allowed using more filler and more recycled fibres so reduce furnishes cost. As a surface size agent, cationic starch improves stiffness, opacity, printing quality and brightness.