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The use of spray starch for paper industry is next to food the biggest field of application. Starch is used as a flocculants and holding aid, as a bonding agent, as a surface size, as a binder for coatings, and as an adhesive in corrugated board, laminated grades, and other products. In paper industry, spray starch is typically used at four places. These are wet-end (Cationic/Amphoteric), Spray on wire part, Surface Sizing and at Coating.

Spray starch is a traditional aid for ironing. With our manufactured array of spray starch, ironing goes faster and smoother, and you can enjoy crisp collars and pleats that look freshly ironed for longer. Besides, starched clothes makes them last longer because dirt and perspiration stick to the starch and not to the fabric.

Our provided range is checked on various quality parameters to ensure its quality under the strict supervision of our domain experts.

Spray Starch manufactured at our well maintained infrastructure is widely used in the Paper Industry. During the industrial paper making process, offered rangeof spray starch can be added to the pulp before sheet formation (wet end starch), it can be sprayed in between the layers of multi layered board.

It can be applied onto the paper surface (surface sizing starch) and it can be used as binder for pigments in coating colour formulations (coating starch). When starch is sprayed onto the surface of paper, it “enhances the fibre-to-fibre bonding by acting as a cementing agent between adjacent fibres at their points of contact.