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We are instructional in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a high quality assortment of One Shot Starch Powder for “Sizing” of yarn. It is formulated from superior quality ingredients and advanced technology in compliance with the defined industry norms. This powder needs no extra native starch, modified starch, binder, softener, lubricant to be added further. Basically, this kind of starch is specially designed to fulfil the sizing needs of the textile industry.

Offered range of One Shot Starch is widely used for shuttleless looms and compact and combed warp yarns count up to 100s. It is a traditional finishing agent for cotton and rayon fabrics and has been very popular during the last century, even though its finish is non-durable. It is basically used to improve the appearance of fabric by imparting gloss and by removing wrinkles formed during preparation of fabric.

One Shot Starch in India

A word “Sizing” which we use above is the process of giving a protective coating on the warp yarn to minimize yarn breakage during weaving. Sizing is the most important operation in preparing warp yarn for weaving especially with cotton yarn. The smallest error in sizing process may be very harmful. This may increase warp breakage rate on the looms and consequently reduce weaving production and quality.

Sizing is the process of applying an adhesive coating on the surface of the yarn. It is applied into the yarn mainly to improve the weave ability of warp yarn by making it more resistant to action of weaving such as absorption, friction, tension and flexing. This sizing process also maintains the good fabric quality by reducing hairiness, weakness, and by increasing smoothness, absorbency of yarn.

Thus Sizing is called as the “Heart of Weaving”. The sized yarn gives a smooth and soft feel to the fabric or in addition to increased yarn tensile strength with better elongation properties, provides elasticity and wearing ability.