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Dextrin Powder Manufacturer

Starke Adhesive Pvt. Ltd. is continuously striving to satisfy the growing and changing demands of the industry with its wide range of quality product such as Dextrin Powder. Dextrins are a group of low molecular weight carbohydrates which are produced by the hydrolysis of starch. They are the mixture of polymers of D-glucose units linked by glycosidic bonds.


Dextrins are a category that includes several different carbohydrate strains that are produced by the hydrolysis of starch.

Usually they are available in white, yellow, or brown coloured powder that are partially or fully soluble in water, yielding optically active solutions of low viscosity.

Most of them can be detected with iodine solution, giving a red coloration; one distinguishes Erythrodextrin (dextrin that colours red) and Achrodextrin (giving no colour).

Dextrins can be made from almost any starch source, like corn, wheat or potatoes. They are classified into a few different types: typically white dextrins, yellow or canary dextrins or British gums. Because of their water solubility, dextrins are ideal for water-activated adhesives and glues. Dextrins are also used to print on cotton fabrics in the textile industry.

Manufactured range of dextrin powder is made by heating dry starch with or without acid. It is also made from corn-starch that is roasted and then hydrolysed by amylase.In some countries dextrin s are also known as pyrodextrins.They are widely used due to its excellent adhesive and water solubility properties.

Dextrin-based adhesives play a large part in industrial production, especially the packaging industry. Dextrin adhesive powder is readily available at very low prices in the market. This powder is very easy to apply from water dispersion. It can be considered to be the least expensive class of paper-packaging adhesive. Formulated starch and dextrin adhesives can be applied hot or cold.

Additionally, they are use in various industries, some of them are written here:

  • Chemical and Dye Industries: Dextrin Powder is used as a carrier in colour and dyestuff industries.
  • Coating Industries: Dextrin Powder is used as binders or fillers for functional coatings in high value items like garden seeds.
  • Paper Industries: It useful in paper sizing when thin viscosities are required, and may also be used in paper coating mixtures as thin viscosity adhesives.
  • Textile Industries: Dextrin Powder is used as finishing and coating agent that increases weight and stiffness of fabrics.
  • Manufacturing Process: Provided range of Dextrin Powder is prepared by heating and drying starch and then treating this starch with HCl (hydrochloric acid) to produce a colourless to yellowish, tasteless and odourless powder which when mixed with water, forms a strong adhesive paste.