Modified Starch for Paper Industry

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Modified Starch for Paper Industry in India

Our company is counted among as one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Modified starch which is specially use for paper industry. It is also known as starch derivatives. Usually these starches are prepared by physically, enzymatically, or chemically treating native starch to change its properties.

Manufactured array of modified starch is used in paper making process during surface sizing. It is a Paper sizing starch which produces better film and gives great results during surface sizing on sizing press. This modified starch is also considered as a Sizing chemical starch for Paper Making.

Basically, starch provides the stiffness and perfect bonding within a sheet of paper. Cationic starch is added to improve internal bond, tensile strength, and as part of certain retention and drainage programs.

Starke Adhesive Pvt. Ltd. has extensive experience in manufacturing world's best quality of modified starch in the paper making process for packaging paper. Our product portfolio consists of products for applications in wet-end, spray, surface-sizing and coating in order to help to improve paper quality and reduce costs.

Our Modified Starches for the paper industry include wet-end, spraying, surface sizing, and coating starches which can be applied to many kinds of paper; graphical paper, packaging paper, newsprint paper, tissue paper and specialty paper. We ensure you can maximize product quality and production efficiency while minimizing resource consumption.