White Dextrin Powder

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White Dextrin Powder Manufacturer

To fulfil the varying desires of our worldwide customers, Starke Adhesive Pvt. Ltd. is immersed in offering a world class consignment of White Dextrin Powder. This powder is produced from top qualitystarch using enzymes under controlled circumstances that is processed in hygienic conditions. The starch is hydrolysed with care to ensure the application effectiveness of our offered dextrin powder.

Manufactured range of white dextrin powderis non-toxic and friendly to the skin. It is used widely in the chemical industry for numerous purposes. It is renowned for its thickness and purity in the worldwidemarketplace. The affordable rates of this powder collection also make them shine in the domain. It findits usage in various industries as textile adhesive and gums, dyes and printing ink. Offered array of powder is known for its fineness, efficacy, purity, and long shelf life.

White Dextrin Powder Supplier

White Dextrin Powder is most commonly used in textile industry for finishing and coating agent which increases weight and stiffness of textile fabrics. Also, it is extensively used as pyrotechnic binder and fuel in fireworks and sparklers that allowing them to solidify as pellets or stars.

White Dextrin is a group of low-molecular-weight carbohydrates which is produced by the hydrolysis of starch or glycogen. They are the mixture of polymers of D-glucose units linked by glycosidic bonds. Usually, White dextrin powder is produced by heat treatment in presence of chemicals to suitably modify the characteristics and properties of starch.

Unlike starch, dextrin is easily soluble in water. The severity of the treatment determines the degree of solubility, which is the basis of classifying or grading dextrin. Offered range of White Dextrin Powder is prepared at low temperatures and with short reaction times in the presence of appropriate concentrations of catalyst to achieve the desired level of cold water solubility and colour. Finished Dextrin powder is very fine powder varying in colour from pure white to off white. Also, it is prepared by roasting starch in the presence of an acid, which chemically changes the character and properties of starch.