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Cold Pasting Gum Powder Supplier

We are One of The Largest Manufacturer and Exporter of Cold Pasting Gum Powder in Ahmedabad, India. We take pride to be a reputable manufacturer of high-quality Cold Pasting Gum Powder. We are proud of ourselves as a preferred choice among company across numerous industries due to our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and commitment to excellence.

Cold Pasting Gum Powder is a flexible adhesive that is used for bonding in a variety of industries. It's widely utilised in the packaging, printing, and paper industries for things like paper packaging, laminating, labelling, and corrugation. Cold Pasting Gum Powder provides excellent adhesion properties, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting bond between different surfaces. It effectively sticks various materials together, including paper, cardboard, and other porous substrates.

Cold Pasting Gum Powder Manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer of Cold Pasting Gum Powder in Ahmedabad, India, Starke Adhesive is dedicated to delivering high-quality products that meet industry standards. We prioritize customer satisfaction and offer customization options to fulfill specific requirements. With our reliable manufacturing processes and exceptional customer support, we aim to be your trusted partner for all your Cold Pasting Gum Powder needs.

Our gum powder is designed for simple handling and application. It dissolves fast, making mixing and spreading easier and saving critical manufacturing time. Our Cold Pasting Gum Powder is made with high-quality materials purchased from reputable suppliers. To ensure consistent quality and performance in every batch, we use advanced methods of manufacturing and modern machinery.

Application of Cold Pasting Gum Powder

Packaging Industry: Cold Pasting in the Packaging Industry Gum Powder is widely used in the packaging sector to glue paper-based materials together. It is used to make paper bags, cartons, boxes, and other types of packaging. The gum powder ensures tight packaging and sealing by providing strong adherence.

Printing Industry: In the printing industry, Cold Pasting Gum Powder is used for labeling applications. It helps in bonding labels to various surfaces, including paper, cardboard, and other porous materials. The adhesive properties of the gum powder ensure that the labels remain securely attached.

Corrugation Industry: Cold Pasting Gum Powder is commonly used in the corrugation industry to glue corrugated boards and boxes. It ensures the structural integrity and durability of the boxes by providing strong adhesion between the layers of corrugated material.

Paper Converting Industry: Cold Pasting Gum Powder is used for bonding by manufacturers of paper-based products such as envelopes, folders, and notebooks. The gum powder is applied to the necessary regions, which allows the paper to be securely bonded together.

Stationery Industry: Cold Pasting Gum Powder is used in the stationery sector for applications such as glue sticks and paste. It gives a quick and easy way to adhere paper and other materials together.

Paper Recycling: Cold Pasting Gum Powder is also used in the paper recycling process. It helps in the bonding of recycled paper fibers, allowing the production of new paper products.